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Here´s some server information about Monster WoW, patch, out goals and ambitions.


Our ambitions are high, On Monster WiW we aim for quality-- meaning we strive to get most of the bugs fixed while we really care for a friendly and enjoyable community where oeioke are being nice ti each other. In short, we just really want our Cataclysm server to feel like home. This wukk be dibe by a motivated and communicative development team tha will be open-minded towards our players.

Currently, there are a limited amount of WoW Cataclysm Servers avalible already, especially on PvE. Our realm-type will be PvE to avoid toxicity, and because the amount of PvE Cataclysm Server is almost equal to stable home for you Cataclysm Private Server running on PvE realm-type, in case you want to avoid toxic ganks etc.
Our server will however also promote PvP and PvE content and high experience in Battlegrounds as we know how big of a part PvP is aswell.
So if you´re looking for a Cataclysm Private Server that is striving towards being the
top server by caring about it´s communty and quality. Monster WoW might be a good pick.

A litle information about the Staff Team of Monster WoW: We are Cataclysm lovers by heart. Some of our devolopers and admins have been working and playing on Cataclysm for years. For us, it makes total sense to provide the community with a Cataclysm Private Server.


Should you have any questions about our WoW Cataclysm Server, you are at any time welcome to ask us on out Discord





Posted by DENNIS on 2019/03/07